The Threats To Companies From Emails And Other Form Of Communication

IT systems are under continuous threat from more complex and evolving malware. Email attack remains the preferred route for cybercriminals, as email number increase year on year. In the last year there was an increase in Phishing attacks which became more targeted and malicious emails grew in numbers and complexity.

Emails dominate IT systems as the main source of communication regardless of the rising popularity of instant messaging technology for both commercial and consumer use. It is estimated that there are in excess of 190 billion emails in circulation each day, and this number is set to continue to rise. On average a business user will send and receive in excess of 40 emails a day and more mobile devices are being used to access this data. This is an enormous number and it is understandable why cybercriminal choose to attack emails to gain access to personal data.

It was estimated that more than half of inbound email is spam, with the advancement of spam filters the number of spam emails is the lowest since 2003. Spammers are however finding other ways to reach their audiences by using social networking sites and instant messaging platforms, both are very popular forms of communication with mobile devices.

In recent years Phishing campaigns have become easier for the scammer to operate. Phishing tools are available for scammers to purchase at a very low cost and they do not require a great deal of technical ability to use. Phishing attacks have reduced over recent years and were halved in 2015 compared to the previous year.

Malware that is distributed via email generally requires social engineering to convince the recipient to open the attachment and click on the link. These attachments can be disguised in various forms but have been very popular with fake invoices, office documents and sometimes password abuse notifications. Most malware attacks tend to exploit an unpatched vulnerability in the software application used to open the file; once the link has been activated it normally sends the recipient to a compromised website or drops something malicious onto their computer. Over 55% of malware file attachments in 2015 related to .doc file extension documents, so caution must be applied if a .doc file attachment is received from an untrusted source, delete the email immediately.

military grade security for emails is a vital tool in individuals and company armoury against malware attacks. Encryption helps protect the privacy of the message and can help to validate and authenticate the sender.

As far as cybercriminals are concerned they will continue to develop and create more complex forms of malware and will attack the weakest link in the process; and that it the users.

Whats A Tri-band Router And Why Tri-band Wireless Ac Routers Work Faster?

After using single band Wi-Fi router for quite some time, people are introduced to the new methodology of using Dual-band Router. People assume that while you add a dual signal streaming Wi-Fi speed increases. However, it is quite complicated, as it seems. Let me explain the networking concept in separate headings.

What is a single-band Wi-Fi Router?

Before we talk about Tri-Band Wi-Fi router, I want to explain the concept behind the technique of using multiple modems with a single router. Single-band router of 802.11n technology is a quite jumbled technology as compared to its later version of Dual-band WI-Fi router that uses the 801.11ac technology. The previous version broadcast signal strength of maximum 2.4GHz, while the later streams the signal strength of 5 GHz.

As it comes to hosting a network, single-band Wi-Fi router can only host 2.4 GHz WI-Fi. However, it also support 5GHz modem, but its compatibility is faster with 2.4GHz modem than the newest technology of 5GHz modem. Moreover, when you use a single router, bandwidth of the router spread across multiple devices. That increases load on the router and the networking speed of the Wireless networks goes down.

What is a dual-band Wi-Fi router?

As it comes to Dual-band WI-Fi router, it can support both devices at the same time. That means it can support both 2.4GHz modem and 5GHz modem simultaneously. Charming! So does your Wi-Fi really charged up at a great speed. One thing people should know that, a 2GHz router can provide a maximum speed of 450Mbps and a 5GHz router can stream maximum speed of 1300MBbps. While you can add both number would result to a combined speed of 1750Mbps, which is not entirely possibly. One can get maximum speed of 1300Mbps from router.

So whats the difference? It is very useful when you are using different devices (laptop, Mac machines), so that you can use single streaming from one signal, i.e. 2.4GHz on one machine and the other might run of 5GHz streaming from the router.

What is a Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router?

As there is Dual-Band Wi-Fi router, Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router gives an extra streaming router signal. Now, you have 2 5GHz signal and one 2.4GHz from a single router. Tri-Band Wi-Fi router can host three different modem coming from 3 different devices. It can sort the streaming automatically so that speed on one signal is not divided to the other modems. This way one modem can get the maximum from 2.4GHz router antenna or 5GHz from the other router antennas. That way speed of the extra device hosted on the router will definitely increases. If you are using only a single device with the router, the other two signal wouldnt affect the speed of your device. Therefore, Tri-Band Wi-Fi router is effective only when you are using multiple devices with the same router.

Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 Online

YouTube is currently the most popular and top ranked website that allows people to upload, view and share videos. You can easily view any videos out of their million videos without even registering to their site. If you want to upload and share your video to the world at large, you need to register which can be easily done in two minutes or you can also login with your Gmail account also. At first, YouTube was only popular among individuals sharing content on various topics with each other but now a lot of media and official channels too broadcast their product and advertisements through YouTube.

YouTube has the worlds biggest databases which store gigs of videos from different nationalities and in different languages. Be it songs, videos, movie trailers, official company channels; you can search for almost anything and definitely find similar content that you desire. Sometimes you can also hear good songs which are uploaded by individuals singing and recording then uploading it to YouTube. Popular musician Justin Bieber has earned his fame through YouTube by the age of 11 when his songs were hitting a million likes and views every day. You can also refer it to as a talent pool of creative artists.

Sometimes you really like a song from a video which you have heard on YouTube. You only want the mp3 file to play it on your car stereo player, or phone and walkman. Good news is you can convert YouTube videos into mp3 files for easy listening just by going to certain video conversion sites. They are usually free but however some websites are full of malware and advertisements and even fake. If you need to convert YouTube videos faster and in high quality, then visit as they are reliable, safe and never require your credentials or registration. Its simple and pretty neat and works like a charm.

So, here we are some websites which are known to be best for YouTube video to MP3 conversions.

1. Mp3Duo

Its the best site we have discovered from all over the internet so far which converts YouTube videos to Mp3. Just copy the YouTube video link and paste it to the search box on mp3duo. Click on convert files underneath the search box and youre almost good to go. Your favourite video will be grabbed by the video converter and processed into an mp3 file for you to download. After its done, download and listen to your favourite music from your phone.

Pin this site to your browsers bookmark tab for using it to convert other YouTube videos anytime and from anywhere you want. The site works perfectly with tablets, pc, smart phone and other gadgets also. Share this with your friends and enjoy!

2. Vid to MP3

This is also a similar site like Mp3duo where you need to copy and paste the link of YouTube video then convert it to mp3 files.

3. Convert2MP3

This website not only supports YouTube but Dailymotion, clipvid and other sites too. Users can also search for YouTube videos from their website apart from just downloading mp3 files.

4. Video2mp3

Unlike other conversion sites, this site also allows users to download mp3 from videos with simple steps and easy to use features.

5. Mp3fiber

This site allows conversion from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Soundcloud etc. The procedure for downloading is same as other sites that are mentioned above.

These were some helpful site recommendations for your ease in downloading mp3 from YouTube videos. Our recommendation for you would be as they assure downloads with zero loss of audio quality at lightning download speeds. Take your time and visit them whenever you feel like converting your favorite videos into mp3 files. Cheers!

Getting A Backup Camera For Your Car Is The Right Choice

Backup cameras are becoming more and more common on vehicles today. It is incredible how far technology has come in this area. Picture clarity is clear and sharp, and cameras give you the ability to see in nearly every direction.

You may decide to skip this option when purchasing your car, but you may regret it afterwards. Especially if you find yourself in an accident that could have been avoided if you had a backup camera installed. If you did skip this option when purchasing your car,the good news is there are several backup cameras available to choose from, and most are as good if not better than the camera option you had when purchasing your car.

Sometimes cars will have the backup camera screen installed whether you get the camera or not. If you have the screen, this makes installing an aftermarket camera easier and cheaper. Because you already have the screen, all you will need at this point is the camera.

Because camera technology improves every year, the aftermarket camera you choose will likely be more advanced than the option offered to you at the time you purchased your car. These cameras have advanced so much, some of them even offer 3-D technology and full 360 degree viewing capabilities. Soon these options will be the standard for all car backup cameras.

Currently, many new options are being tested and will be slowly rolled out over the next several months. Current technological advancements are only the beginning. Future backup cameras will offer features you’ve never even considered. If you are concerned about these cameras getting in the way or detracting from your car’s appearance, don’t be. They are very small and can be hidden in ways so that you can’t even tell they are there.

Before buying any aftermarket backup camera, make sure you do your research.You can find plenty of reviews online that reveal the good and bad of most any camera. It’s also important to make sure your camera is working 100% once installed, so regular testing is recommended. If some part of the camera isn’t working properly, you could find yourself in an accident.

There are plenty of aftermarket backup cameras available which means there are several options available for every situation and income level. By taking your time and doing your research, you can find one that is right for you and your car.

All You Need To Know About Body Worn Spy Cameras

One of the greatest dreams for any Sherlock Holmes fan is to be like Sherlock Holmes, even just for one minute. You may not be able to achieve Benedict Cumberbatch’s proper English manner, but there is an option that will make you as ‘spy-like’ and analytically deducing – the body worn spy camera. Of course, these items are generally only seen in movies or read about in spy novels; however, the increase in spy camera technology has led to the development of body worn spy cameras. There are various different types of body worn cameras available and choosing one can be a very challenging task. This article will provide information on the different types of body worn spy cameras and how these types of spy cameras operate.

What type Of spy camera is best for your needs? As mentioned above, there are various types of spy cameras currently available to purchase, including the button spy camera, the pinhole spy camera, and the spy watches.

The pinhole spy camera is one of the most traditional spy camera options and is not always worn on the body. This type of camera is generally placed on drop ceilings or in drywalls; it can also be incorporated into a pen or coat button. It is a very small option (in size) and can be as small as a dime coin. This camera was previously utilized by law enforcement officials and investigators; however, they are now available to any individual who is willing to pay the price. It is important that you identify your state’s regulations regarding this spy camera as you can be charged if using it outside of legal boundaries.

A second option in the body worn spy camera category is that of the spy watch. This item is available in a variety of designs and colors, allowing you to choose the most attractive watch option. The watch has a pinhole spy camera incorporated into the face which allows for effective video shooting. The spy watch is known for its high level of built-in memory and overall durability. In many cases, the pinhole and button spy cameras will be damaged when placed in water; however, this is not the case with the spy watch.

As can be seen, there is a plethora of options when seeking out the ideal body worn spy cameras. By using the information above you can locate the most suitable camera for your needs.

Choosing a Mirrorless Camera vs DSLR

When you are shopping for a new camera, one of the most interesting choices is whether to opt for a mirrorless camera vs DSLR. Until relatively recently, the DSLR was quite clearly the king of the crop, but today that may no longer be the case.

DSLR cameras are based on the same sort of technology as the old 35mm film camera. The mirror inside the camera reflects light onto the CCD, which is what records the image that is then saved to the camera’s memory.

This is in contrast to the modern mirrorless design, which allows light to pass through the lens and onto the image sensor directly, with no mirror in the way. The question is, does the technology really make a difference? Is there a winner in the mirrorless camera vs DSLR debate?

Well, a DSLR camera body will usually be bigger, because the mirror and the prism requires extra space. Some cameras are three inches deep, and once you add a lens kit they can weigh 1lb 2oz or more. Mirrorless cameras are smaller – often less than two inches in size, although the difference in weight is minimal, with an average camera plus lens weighing just over a pound. The lens is usually the bulkiest part. The difference in size is important though, since it means that you can fit more gear into your camera bag.

When it comes to image quality, DSLRs have traditionally been king, while mirrorless cameras were considered to be little more than just standard point and shoot cameras, because the contrast detection process they used was slower than the phase detection offered by DSLRs. HOwever, that is changing, as more and more camera makers are putting phase detection into their mirrorless cameras. For example, the Sony a6000 has a large number of phase detection points built in to its image sensor, and Nikon’s D5300 has a separate sensor for AF which has 39 phase detection points on it. Not all mirrorless cameras have this feature, though, so if it is important to you as a photographer it is worth checking.

In good light, the preview of a mirrorless camera should be accurate, but in low light there may be some differences, and they can also struggle with moving subjects. DSLRs are slower to focus, but their optical viewfinder will give a good representation of what the image will look like.

Should You Go For Dish Network Or Directv?

Are you confused whether to go with Dish Network or DirecTV because you have no idea which one of them is better?

Well, here we compare them taking into account equipment type, service quality, best deal, and a number of other factors – DirecTV vs Dish.

What Dish Network Offers

In the US, Dish Network is growing at the fastest rate. With over 14 million users satisfied with its service, Dish Network is regarded as the number one TV service provider by the ACS Index.

At best, you can enjoy 350 exciting TV channels with Dish Network, of which over 200 are HD. Plus, you get to watch 75 movies in a month on pay-per-view basis, savor 52 music stations, and immerse yourself in 60 Sirius radio stations.

Dish Network, in fact, offers you the highest number of channels and the best mix of variety. It gives you the biggest international package and music package, too.

On choosing any of the packages offered by Dish Network, you receive free equipment and free professional installation in as many as 6 different rooms.

Further, you can opt for a DVR free of cost which can record 200 programming hours at its peak. If you prefer, you can go for a free HD receiver or a HD/DVR combo receiver, instead.

What DirecTV Offers
In terms of size, it is DirecTV that steals the show with a subscriber base of over 16 million.

Giving you the opportunity to watch 250 different channels, including 160 HD, the network offers you a good time. You are given the choice of watching 60 movies every month on pay-per-view basis. Also, you get to enjoy 73 XM radio stations.

Apart from that, when it comes to sports channels, DirecTV offers a bigger number compared to Dish Network.

If you decide to go with DirecTV, you get free professional installation in 4 rooms, or less. Also, you are given your satellite system for free.

Just like you can with Dish Network, you can upgrade to a DVR, HD, or HD/DVR combo receiver free of cost in this case, too.

Here are DirecTV reviews.

The Best Deals

The best deal you can get from Dish Network costs you $24.99 per month, in exchange of 120 top channels, and 3 free months of Showtime and HBO. The package lets you enjoy your local channels.

As far as DirecTV goes, you get 150 channels by paying $29.99 per month, which also includes your local channels.

Which One Should You Pick?

Both of the networks are superior in their own ways. If you want to have the most number of music stations, pay-per view movies, and TV channels, Dish Network should be your choice.

On the other hand, if you are into sports a lot and do not mind spending a bit more, DirecTV will satisfy you the most.

Internet And Travel Blogging

Almost everyone dreams of seeing as much of the world as possible in their lifetime. The idea of visiting

different places and immersing in new cultures put together a picturesque imagery that makes us feel warm yet

wanting. Unfortunately, most of us are held back by financial constraints and familial responsibilities.

Sometimes we make choices that move us even further away from such a lifestyle.

For those who have managed to become financially stable and with a lot to spare, travel has become a regular

activity. Actors, journalists, musicians, etc., go from one place to another on an almost weekly basis. There

are also a handful of people who have actually made a living out of traveling. They go to different places be

it in a metropolitan environment or rustic rural areas then post the experience on their blogs, write reviews,

become affiliates to products that promote travel. They basically earn from simply putting into writing what

they have experienced in their travels.

One issue that most travel bloggers encounter is getting a good internet connection. Most of them are all too

familiar with visiting a resort or hotel in remote locations only to realize that no high speed internet

provider has taken the initiative to establish themselves in the area. They can’t always depend on coffee shops

and similar establishments to provide free Wi-Fi when there is no provider in the first place. Oftentimes, the

go-to solution is to do a write-up offline and then upload it days or weeks later once connected to a reliable internet connection. And then there are those who prefer to be

connected to the internet most of the time, if not every time during their travels. Some of them have to be

connected to feel secure as internet has become a part of their identity. And some have to be connected to the

internet because they belong in an online workplace or even a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that require their

online presence for VoIP or online conferences. These travelers have taken it upon themselves to take advantage

of the services provided by satellite internet service providers.

Writing a hotel review for a blog can probably wait until there’s good internet connectivity. However, phone

service is another thing missed out by travelers who did not avail of the services of satellite broadband

internet providers. For a work that revolves around gaining revenues from views and regular updates,

availability of internet connection is a must.

One of the top satellite internet providers is Hughesnet. They are known to have reliable connection anywhere

on the globe. The speed offered in their different subscription packages are amazingly fast, beating

competitors with remarkable upload and download speeds. It is considered one of the top providers. Most

subscribers even consider Hughesnet the best satellite internet provider there is. Another good choice of

provider is Exede. They also have packages for internet speeds that could sometimes match normal DSL speeds and

even surpass the average internet speeds of some countries.

Traveling for a living is unquestionably a great lifestyle. And since internet activity is what provides the

revenue to make their career a possibility, internet connectivity anywhere in the world is a must.

Communication In Marriage

Many couples find it very hard to communicate regularly which weakens their marriage bond. It is very disappointing to try to communicate to your spouse only for them to turn you down. To learn how to communicate effectively and keep your marriage bond going strong, keep reading articles written by experts like this one below.

Communication in marriage is a skill you can learn.

Nobody’s born a natural communicator. Like riding a bike or hitting a baseball, communication in marriage is a skill you can learn. And good communication is the key to improving your relationship.

Karl’s parents fought every night until they got divorced when he was in 6th grade. Jen’s parents seemed like they hardly talked at all. When she was in high school, they eventually had a few blow out fights and separated. It seems like none of their friends have particularly great marriages either.

Now, Karl and Jen wonder if it’s even possible to have a healthy stable marriage.   Is being a good communicator something you just have to be born with? Where does one look when your parents weren’t good models of communication in marriage?


Cyber Security For The Banking Sector.

Many banks have embrace technology and mobile banking platforms. This has provided more services to their customers and it is now easier to access money on different platforms. It has however exposed banks to the wave of cyber crimes. The banks ought to invest in cyber crime detection and prevention to keep the customers money safe.

Protecting your banking infrastructure from cybercriminals is one of the toughest IT challenges in banking.  It keeps getting harder, even though banks are working tirelessly to protect both customers and assets. Attacks are growing in size, and new developments such as the Internet of Things mean attack surfaces are growing, as well as the number of endpoints that can be used to launch attacks, writes Rich Bolstridge.

It’s not just the size or frequency of attacks, but the speed with which they can be launched.  The tools are available to allow a novice to launch an attack if they wish, not just from their machine, but from compromised servers across the Internet giving an attack huge scale with little technical knowledge.

Attack styles are also changing, almost like fashion. Reflection attacks are not new, but they are back in fashion, with new ways to be executed and billions of new connected devices on the Internet each year to be exploited.  There is also a new wave of vulnerabilities being discovered that are so severe it will take a long time patch all the affected hardware on the web, leaving backdoors for cybercriminals that will persist for a long time.  Heartbleed and Shellshock are perfect examples of this problem, and we should expect to see more in the future.

Hackers attack for a number of reasons, but more often than not the prize is not simply bringing a bank website to its knees.  Several banks have confirmed with me that they have observed fraudulent money movements occur during DDoS attacks.  DDoS attacks are also used to create a diversion while customer data is downloaded and then sold on the black market to aid financial fraud and identity theft.


Investing In The App World

There are numerous investors who are looking for the latest frontiers to invest in. one of such frontiers is the app world. There are numerous people on the phone and on the tablet today and they make use of apps now and then to access different services. This has made the app market a big market for investors and business owners as it meets all their needs.

These portals aim to give digitally savvy millennials the financial help they need.

These tools can help young adults invest with confidence and start building wealth.

Investment apps and websites have become as ubiquitous as smartphones and laptops themselves – and with new smartwatches such as the recently unveiled Apple Watch, it won’t be long before timing trades becomes as easy as telling time.

When it comes to using this technology, there’s no question that millennials hold a decided advantage over older generations of investors. But unlike, say, a random collection of flashlight apps where just about anything will do, the world of finance-related apps requires illumination of a different kind.

“The biggest question to ask is, ‘What kind of investor do you want to be?’” says David Weliver, founding editor of Money Under 30, a personal finance and investment website for millennials. “Are you ever going to be interested in holding individual stocks in your portfolio, or do you just want to be able to set it and forget it?”

As for the overall appeal, “You are in control of the process,” says Kendrick Wakeman, CEO of FinMason, a financial education company. “Many advisors don’t realize this, but most people find talking to a financial advisor to be fraught with anxiety. Using an app online puts millennials in control of the process.”

The technologies themselves have myriad variables, from ease of use to effectiveness in helping users start investing with confidence – and sometimes have a little fun while they’re at it. Here’s a rundown of 10 investment apps and websites that cater to millennial investors.