The Best Photo Booth Software For Complete Photo Booth Experience

As you are aware of it by now, a photo booth is considered as an inevitable part of all types of parties. Let is be a marriage event or a birthday celebration, there are plenty of varieties of photo booths on rental, which anyone can hire based on their budget and preferences.

Photo booth essentials

As there are various types of photo booths, which range largely in terms of price and facilities, it is ideal for the users to have a basic idea about the options and features of photo booths. Th essential parts of a photo booth are;

* An enclosure The concept of a booth is fulfilled only if there is a closed personal space for the users to pose for photographs. however, open photo booths are also very popular nowadays.

* Camera Digital cameras are the standard now and there are various choices available for specialised photo booth use. It is ideal to choose an auto-focus camera for photo booth installation.

* Lighting Adequate lighting is important when setting up an enclosed photo booth and lighting plays important in open space photography too.

* Computer and software As far as digital photography is concerned, along with the camera, a computer with relevant software also plays vital. Software assists in editing the photos and ensuring high-grade prints.

Lets further look into photo booth software in a bit more detail.

Photo booth software

Various types of photo booth software help in editing photos, processing, and printing the images. The top rated photo booth software available now in Australian market are;

* Social Booth for Windows It is an easy to set up software with many powerful features. The flexibility and customisability of this software make it an obviously choice of photo booth professionals. It supports both images and video and also has instant social media sharing capabilities.

* Photo Booth Connected for Windows, iPad, Android – Photo Booth Connected is another simple and powerful photo booth software, which primarily allows the guests to upload and share their images and videos live. There are many powerful features incorporated like green screen removal, filters, overlays, data collection etc.

* BYO Booth This is an excellent Twitter and Instagram hash tag printing and slideshow software, which allows the users to create real-time slide shows with photos and videos. You can simply pick the hash tags to use while uploading to Instagram. BYO Booth also can download, display, and print the media real time. This software package is ideal for weddings, concerts, trade shows, and festivals etc.

* Sketch Booth – Sketch Booth is more of a DIY type software with which the corporate can use their own version of booths at a fraction of cost. This software allows the users to draw on the screen and also drag and drop the props and stickers on to the photos to decorate it as you wish. It is one of the most interactive type photo booth software available in the market.

Apart from all these, if your need is something unique which cannot be met with off the shelf software, then here are also options for customised packages offered by leading photo booth rental service providers.