Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 Online

YouTube is currently the most popular and top ranked website that allows people to upload, view and share videos. You can easily view any videos out of their million videos without even registering to their site. If you want to upload and share your video to the world at large, you need to register which can be easily done in two minutes or you can also login with your Gmail account also. At first, YouTube was only popular among individuals sharing content on various topics with each other but now a lot of media and official channels too broadcast their product and advertisements through YouTube.

YouTube has the worlds biggest databases which store gigs of videos from different nationalities and in different languages. Be it songs, videos, movie trailers, official company channels; you can search for almost anything and definitely find similar content that you desire. Sometimes you can also hear good songs which are uploaded by individuals singing and recording then uploading it to YouTube. Popular musician Justin Bieber has earned his fame through YouTube by the age of 11 when his songs were hitting a million likes and views every day. You can also refer it to as a talent pool of creative artists.

Sometimes you really like a song from a video which you have heard on YouTube. You only want the mp3 file to play it on your car stereo player, or phone and walkman. Good news is you can convert YouTube videos into mp3 files for easy listening just by going to certain video conversion sites. They are usually free but however some websites are full of malware and advertisements and even fake. If you need to convert YouTube videos faster and in high quality, then visit as they are reliable, safe and never require your credentials or registration. Its simple and pretty neat and works like a charm.

So, here we are some websites which are known to be best for YouTube video to MP3 conversions.

1. Mp3Duo

Its the best site we have discovered from all over the internet so far which converts YouTube videos to Mp3. Just copy the YouTube video link and paste it to the search box on mp3duo. Click on convert files underneath the search box and youre almost good to go. Your favourite video will be grabbed by the video converter and processed into an mp3 file for you to download. After its done, download and listen to your favourite music from your phone.

Pin this site to your browsers bookmark tab for using it to convert other YouTube videos anytime and from anywhere you want. The site works perfectly with tablets, pc, smart phone and other gadgets also. Share this with your friends and enjoy!

2. Vid to MP3

This is also a similar site like Mp3duo where you need to copy and paste the link of YouTube video then convert it to mp3 files.

3. Convert2MP3

This website not only supports YouTube but Dailymotion, clipvid and other sites too. Users can also search for YouTube videos from their website apart from just downloading mp3 files.

4. Video2mp3

Unlike other conversion sites, this site also allows users to download mp3 from videos with simple steps and easy to use features.

5. Mp3fiber

This site allows conversion from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Soundcloud etc. The procedure for downloading is same as other sites that are mentioned above.

These were some helpful site recommendations for your ease in downloading mp3 from YouTube videos. Our recommendation for you would be as they assure downloads with zero loss of audio quality at lightning download speeds. Take your time and visit them whenever you feel like converting your favorite videos into mp3 files. Cheers!