Should You Go For Dish Network Or Directv?

Are you confused whether to go with Dish Network or DirecTV because you have no idea which one of them is better?

Well, here we compare them taking into account equipment type, service quality, best deal, and a number of other factors – DirecTV vs Dish.

What Dish Network Offers

In the US, Dish Network is growing at the fastest rate. With over 14 million users satisfied with its service, Dish Network is regarded as the number one TV service provider by the ACS Index.

At best, you can enjoy 350 exciting TV channels with Dish Network, of which over 200 are HD. Plus, you get to watch 75 movies in a month on pay-per-view basis, savor 52 music stations, and immerse yourself in 60 Sirius radio stations.

Dish Network, in fact, offers you the highest number of channels and the best mix of variety. It gives you the biggest international package and music package, too.

On choosing any of the packages offered by Dish Network, you receive free equipment and free professional installation in as many as 6 different rooms.

Further, you can opt for a DVR free of cost which can record 200 programming hours at its peak. If you prefer, you can go for a free HD receiver or a HD/DVR combo receiver, instead.

What DirecTV Offers
In terms of size, it is DirecTV that steals the show with a subscriber base of over 16 million.

Giving you the opportunity to watch 250 different channels, including 160 HD, the network offers you a good time. You are given the choice of watching 60 movies every month on pay-per-view basis. Also, you get to enjoy 73 XM radio stations.

Apart from that, when it comes to sports channels, DirecTV offers a bigger number compared to Dish Network.

If you decide to go with DirecTV, you get free professional installation in 4 rooms, or less. Also, you are given your satellite system for free.

Just like you can with Dish Network, you can upgrade to a DVR, HD, or HD/DVR combo receiver free of cost in this case, too.

Here are DirecTV reviews.

The Best Deals

The best deal you can get from Dish Network costs you $24.99 per month, in exchange of 120 top channels, and 3 free months of Showtime and HBO. The package lets you enjoy your local channels.

As far as DirecTV goes, you get 150 channels by paying $29.99 per month, which also includes your local channels.

Which One Should You Pick?

Both of the networks are superior in their own ways. If you want to have the most number of music stations, pay-per view movies, and TV channels, Dish Network should be your choice.

On the other hand, if you are into sports a lot and do not mind spending a bit more, DirecTV will satisfy you the most.