Why You Should Hire Professional Website Designers For Your Mobile-friendly Website

It is no secret that most people are exploring the internet for their next fashion statement via Smartphones and other handheld devices. Today, almost everyone connected to the internet logs on via a mobile device. These are people who are shopping for new clothes, looking for places to eat and even trying to find business opportunities in the fashion industry. If your fashion business does not have a mobile friendly website there is a good chance you are missing out on all this traffic.

On the 21st of April, 2015, Google expanded its website ranking factors. On that list, which includes relevant high quality traffic, videos, backlinks and so on, they added on ‘mobile-friendliness’ as an important ranking factor. What this means is that Google now pays special attention to websites that are mobile friendly and those that aren’t will slowly get ignored or ranked lower by the crawlers.

No matter how well your website is doing now, if it is not mobile friendly, soon you will start ranking lower on search engines and losing valuable organic traffic. Aside from that very crucial aspect, there are other important benefits that having a mobile friendly fashion website brings to the table:

‘Mobilegeddon’ is upon us:

Smartphones are becoming more popular and cheaper by the day. According to research, about 187 million Americans own smartphones today. That number jumps into the billions when you take the rest of the world into consideration. Market research shows that about 40% of these people use their mobile phones to find out information and make ‘buy’ decisions. This is potential business for those with mobile friendly sites and a huge loss for those who do not have responsive websites.

Its useful for SEO:

Since Google started using mobile friendliness as part of their ranking, having a responsive website has become advantageous as far as SEO is concerned.

Compatible with every platform:

The alternative to not having a responsive or mobile friendly website would be to build an app for your fashion business. The problem with this option is that, although they can be very useful for small businesses, apps are very selective as to which device they are compatible. Additionally, making an app is more expensive than simply making your website mobile friendly. The beauty of converting your website to being a mobile friendly site is that once it is done, it will be compatible with every mobile device.

Researchers project that in just three years, the number of people using their PC to access the internet will be significantly less than the number of people using their mobile devices to do the same. If this trend continues, soon everybody with internet access will be logging on via their mobile device at one point or another. This alone should be the main reason for you to hire a top tier website designer to design a wonderful mobile friendly website for your fashion business. Driven Web Services offer everything you need as far as responsive web design is concerned.