Internet And Travel Blogging

Almost everyone dreams of seeing as much of the world as possible in their lifetime. The idea of visiting

different places and immersing in new cultures put together a picturesque imagery that makes us feel warm yet

wanting. Unfortunately, most of us are held back by financial constraints and familial responsibilities.

Sometimes we make choices that move us even further away from such a lifestyle.

For those who have managed to become financially stable and with a lot to spare, travel has become a regular

activity. Actors, journalists, musicians, etc., go from one place to another on an almost weekly basis. There

are also a handful of people who have actually made a living out of traveling. They go to different places be

it in a metropolitan environment or rustic rural areas then post the experience on their blogs, write reviews,

become affiliates to products that promote travel. They basically earn from simply putting into writing what

they have experienced in their travels.

One issue that most travel bloggers encounter is getting a good internet connection. Most of them are all too

familiar with visiting a resort or hotel in remote locations only to realize that no high speed internet

provider has taken the initiative to establish themselves in the area. They can’t always depend on coffee shops

and similar establishments to provide free Wi-Fi when there is no provider in the first place. Oftentimes, the

go-to solution is to do a write-up offline and then upload it days or weeks later once connected to a reliable internet connection.  And then there are those who prefer to be

connected to the internet most of the time, if not every time during their travels. Some of them have to be

connected to feel secure as internet has become a part of their identity. And some have to be connected to the

internet because they belong in an online workplace or even a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that require their

online presence for VoIP or online conferences. These travelers have taken it upon themselves to take advantage

of the services provided by satellite internet service providers.

Writing a hotel review for a blog can probably wait until there’s good internet connectivity. However, phone

service is another thing missed out by travelers who did not avail of the services of satellite broadband

internet providers. For a work that revolves around gaining revenues from views and regular updates,

availability of internet connection is a must.

One of the top satellite internet providers is Hughesnet. They are known to have reliable connection anywhere

on the globe. The speed offered in their different subscription packages are amazingly fast, beating

competitors with remarkable upload and download speeds. It is considered one of the top providers. Most

subscribers even consider Hughesnet the best satellite internet provider there is. Another good choice of

provider is Exede. They also have packages for internet speeds that could sometimes match normal DSL speeds and

even surpass the average internet speeds of some countries.

Traveling for a living is unquestionably a great lifestyle. And since internet activity is what provides the

revenue to make their career a possibility, internet connectivity anywhere in the world is a must.