How Secure Is Your Web Site?

Website security has always been an important issue. It doesnt seem to be a week goes by that some horror story appears in the press of major websites being compromised and peoples private data is distributed across the web.

So when its time to build your next website you need to make sure that you cover any security questions that need to be answered. One of the first things that youll need to address will be whether you will use an established framework to build your next site on. Most people will make the popular choice and build this site on WordPress.

WordPress is a tried and tested choice and remains the most popular framework in terms of the number of websites built on it. No matter what job that you need your new site to do or what style and presentation you require, WordPress will be able to do that for you.

Its inbuilt flexibility and easy to use interface are the main reasons behind its popularity. Once youve used it once you find yourself coming back time and time again. With the incredibly wide selection of plug-ins available its just so easy to get WordPress to do whatever you need it to do no matter what your own website development experience may be.

Its obviously an established and popular blogging network but its also able to handle full e-commerce online stores or display an array of services with galleries, multimedia and any other eye candy items that you want to add. Whatever web design techniques you need to employ, WordPress will allow you to.

Over the years WordPress has had some mixed coverage when it comes to the question of site security. Because its such a popular framework its an obvious target for hackers to look at, but with just a few simple steps its easy to make your WordPress site secure enough to deter most would be hackers.

First step is to ensure that its not easy for anybody to gain access to the admin area of your site that you dont wish to. Using complex and random usernames and passwords will get you off on the right foot. If its easy for you to remember then its probably easy for hackers to crack. Passwords should be as randomized as you can make them, combining lower and upper case letters with both numbers and symbols should be all that you need to do here.

Hackers are like bullies and if you make it difficult for them they more likely than not to pick on somebody else that hasnt taken the time and trouble that you have.

Another area that you should always focus on to improve your site security is to make sure that WordPress is always updated to the latest version. By making some amendments to your site settings, WordPress will do this for you automatically in the background.

Just as important as keeping your WordPress core files up-to-date is that you also have the latest versions installed of any WordPress plug-ins that you may have added to your site. Potential hackers will look for any vulnerability and most updates address any new security issues that may have been discovered.

If you are not 100% confident that you can cover the security issues yourself its very easy to find an expert online who can do this for you. After all, no matter how much money and time you may have ploughed into advanced SEO techniques, not getting security right on your site can undo everything in a flash.

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