The Oculus Quest Shift To Mainstream Gaming Could Be Coming Soon

With the launch of the Oculus Quest VR headset, the future of VR gaming could be coming more into focus. The headset is classified as an all-in-one device, finally completely detaching the user from wires and a base computer console. The unit also provides wireless handsets providing the user with a full range of motion, further enhancing the users game experience. With the launch of the headset, Oculus has taken the next step in pushing the VR gaming industry forward. However, will this be enough to maintain VR’s momentum into mainstream gaming?

The Oculus Quest headset has some impressive specifications such as both a 64GB and 128GB options as well as some nifty movement tracking mechanisms. The cost of VR has come down considerably over the years to be more aligned with traditional console and pc gaming. VR, for many years, has always been more of a gaming niche, as opposed to a widely adopted platform. This was primarily due to technical limitations such as freedom of movement while wearing the headset, size, cost, and game variety. The Oculus Quest has addressed the first three of those concerns already with the launch, but what about game variety?

Game variety in VR is now starting to hit its stride for the first time with popular titles such as Star Wars Vader Immortal and Creed Rise To Glory, both of which are available on the Quest headset. Also, it provides popular mobile games like Fruit Ninja. With a new class of games and a fresh look to the new headset, it is likely to attract the attention and excitement of new VR gamers. However, even with these enhancements, many gamers feel VR is still a few years away from gaining a significant foothold in a gaming market currently dominated by esports.

So what will be needed for VR to finally take the next big step into the living rooms of gamers around the world? One theory is that VR needs to work on licensing deals with other game manufacturers and develop game titles that already have a large fan followings such as Nintendo’s Mario Kart or The Legend of Zelda. VR has the opportunity to take classic games and provide an entirely new spin on them. What if a user could actually become Mario and throw fireballs at King Koopa? Or what if you could become Link and save Princess Zelda herself? The opportunities could be endless, and leveraging classic game titles could be the boost VR needs to take the next step into mainstream gaming.

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