Web Design In The 21st Century

Trends happen in all innovative fields, and web design and development is no exception. Trends naturally cater to user demands, and in web design and development, the changes can be very dynamic. Increasing competition and the ever-evolving world of technological progress also pave the way to new web design fads.
Here are six modern web design trends of the 21st century:

1. Mobile integration

Smartphones, gadgets, handy devices, and mobile apps are now integrated into Internet users daily lives, and web designs need to keep up with the latest trends and fads. This new content model has prompted the production of either receptive websites or standalone app versions.

Full adaptation to the UX patterns and interaction from apps is the next path for web design. The movements and navigation animations in between pages will bear a resemblance to the ones found in apps. Artistically, there will be numerous mergers between desktop and app versions too, where decorative elements will be substituted by practical UI controls.

2. Illustrations

Art has always played a vital role in web development. Illustrations are whimsical, useful mediums for making visuals which are spirited and welcoming. They also add a taste of fun to a site. Gifted designers are able to make illustrations which are full of character, and cater to matching the identity of the brand.

3. UI frameworks

The mobile-friendly and receptive approach to web development, as well as the increasing reputation of WordPress and pre-made themes, has had a rather obvious impact on how a lot of desktop sites work and appear nowadays.

One trend thats going to stay in the future will be both UX and UI frameworks. In laymans terms, the look of the site will conform in accordance with the widely familiar user experience.

4. VR technology

Virtual reality or VR technology has become prevalent in social media and video streaming sites today. This is a new trend that can be incorporated in web development. 360 video streaming and interactive videos are some of the new trends that developers can play around with.

5. Static websites

A static website is a page coded with HTML showing identical fixed or static content to every site visitor. This trend has emerged mainly because of its simplicity and security. It can also be built in a cost-efficient way. Static websites will likely remain as an anchor of web design.

6. Artificial Intelligence

TV shows like Westworld and Black Mirror pretty much give an overview of the foreseeable future. These shows, which mostly tackle the progress of artificial intelligence in peoples daily lives, can also provide a glimpse into how web design could be in the future.

In the end, however, functionality, user-friendliness, and ease of access will always remain as the key components of good web design.

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