Whats A Tri-band Router And Why Tri-band Wireless Ac Routers Work Faster?

After using single band Wi-Fi router for quite some time, people are introduced to the new methodology of using Dual-band Router. People assume that while you add a dual signal streaming Wi-Fi speed increases. However, it is quite complicated, as it seems. Let me explain the networking concept in separate headings.

What is a single-band Wi-Fi Router?

Before we talk about Tri-Band Wi-Fi router, I want to explain the concept behind the technique of using multiple modems with a single router. Single-band router of 802.11n technology is a quite jumbled technology as compared to its later version of Dual-band WI-Fi router that uses the 801.11ac technology. The previous version broadcast signal strength of maximum 2.4GHz, while the later streams the signal strength of 5 GHz.

As it comes to hosting a network, single-band Wi-Fi router can only host 2.4 GHz WI-Fi. However, it also support 5GHz modem, but its compatibility is faster with 2.4GHz modem than the newest technology of 5GHz modem. Moreover, when you use a single router, bandwidth of the router spread across multiple devices. That increases load on the router and the networking speed of the Wireless networks goes down.

What is a dual-band Wi-Fi router?

As it comes to Dual-band WI-Fi router, it can support both devices at the same time. That means it can support both 2.4GHz modem and 5GHz modem simultaneously. Charming! So does your Wi-Fi really charged up at a great speed. One thing people should know that, a 2GHz router can provide a maximum speed of 450Mbps and a 5GHz router can stream maximum speed of 1300MBbps. While you can add both number would result to a combined speed of 1750Mbps, which is not entirely possibly. One can get maximum speed of 1300Mbps from router.

So whats the difference? It is very useful when you are using different devices (laptop, Mac machines), so that you can use single streaming from one signal, i.e. 2.4GHz on one machine and the other might run of 5GHz streaming from the router.

What is a Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router?

As there is Dual-Band Wi-Fi router, Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router gives an extra streaming router signal. Now, you have 2 5GHz signal and one 2.4GHz from a single router. Tri-Band Wi-Fi router can host three different modem coming from 3 different devices. It can sort the streaming automatically so that speed on one signal is not divided to the other modems. This way one modem can get the maximum from 2.4GHz router antenna or 5GHz from the other router antennas. That way speed of the extra device hosted on the router will definitely increases. If you are using only a single device with the router, the other two signal wouldnt affect the speed of your device. Therefore, Tri-Band Wi-Fi router is effective only when you are using multiple devices with the same router.